When Failure is Your Solution

It gets me how often people notice (or imagine) a problem, and start hollering for government to fix it. It’s that pathetic “there oughta be a law!” syndrome.

And it’s as wrong as it is possible for anything to be.

Government is never a solution. It is a cover-up. A band-aid. It might hide the problem, but it can’t fix it. It can’t solve anything. It makes problems worse every time it is tried. It shifts problems, creates new problems, and makes problems where none existed before. Government is the way of The Failure.

If you can’t think of a way to solve a problem without resorting to theft and aggression you aren’t thinking enough. Maybe you aren’t thinking at all. But don’t give up. You don’t have to be a Failure. Keep thinking. Keep searching. Either the answer is out there among the various voluntary options, or it’s a problem without a solution in the real world. They probably do exist. But don’t pretend government is a solution– you’re lying to yourself if that’s what you believe.

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