What Could Be Worse?

Nobody asked but …

What could be worse than the loss of freedom?  The loss of individuality could be worse, for it is in the unique makeup of each individual that freedom has a value.

What could be worse than the loss of individuality?  The willing acquiescence of individuals to representation by politicians, for the individuality has been shorn from the sheep.

What could be worse than acquiescence to politicians?  Acquiescence to lying, self-serving politicians could be worse.  And failing repeatedly to recognize that there is no other kind of politician.

What could be worse than lying, self-serving politicians?  The existence of a maze of bureaucracy which carries out the schemes of the liars and self-servers could be worse.  And being blind to the fact that there is no other kind of bureaucracy.

— Kilgore Forelle

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Kilgore Forelle

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