Bad vs. Worse: Welfare Statism and Tribal Statism

Practically no one believes that so-called welfare states have the right to invade non-welfare states and remake them in their image, so that no one in the world is deprived of state welfare. Likewise, practically no one believes that so-called welfare states have the right to impose special taxes on their citizens with the purpose of creating welfare state systems in those countries that cannot afford to do so by themselves.

In other words, practically no one consistently believes in the morality of the so-called welfare state. On the other hand, nearly everyone believes in the morality of statist tribalism (nationalism), which includes approving of such totemic entities as “national healthcare” or “national education”. Thus, if there exists an ideology in the world today that can be credibly regarded as the chief enemy of individual liberty, then it is not abstract, overintellectualized welfare statism, but concrete, emotionally ensnaring tribal statism.

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