“War is Peace”, “Net Neutrality”, and Other Lies

Don’t fall for the lies.

“Net neutrality” isn’t neutrality, it is favoritism. Government favoring some at the expense of others. Such favoritism is always enforced at gunpoint, as are all “laws”.

The “net neutrality” scam means large data users, such as streaming video services, will be subsidized by little old ladies who only check their email once a week. Instead of having the big users of data pay their way, the costs will be split up among all users, no matter how much, or how little, someone actually uses.

You are being told this is “neutrality”. You are being told this is “fair”. It is neither.

It’s like forcing people who drive a hybrid Prius to pay the same for fuel every month as someone who drives a big, inefficient old pickup truck. Sure, since I drive an old, inefficient pickup truck, I’ll see this as “fair” and “neutral” because I’ll benefit at someone else’s expense, but it isn’t. It’s exactly the same concept as “net neutrality”.

I understand. People don’t like paying more for using more. They prefer socialism, where other people are robbed to pay for things they may not even want or use. And that’s what “net neutrality” is: socialism.

Pay for what you use. Don’t expect other people to subsidize you. Yes, you may have to pay more for your premium streaming service (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc.) but that’s the right way to get what you want. Getting government involved, letting them rob some to benefit others, is the wrong way. Always and every time.

I promise you “Net Neutrality” won’t turn out like you have been told, anyway. You won’t like it in the long run, unless you are tired of innovation.

Have some ethics. Don’t beg congressvermin to save “net neutrality”. Do the right thing instead. For your own sake and for the sake of everyone else (and the internet!). Let “net neutrality” die.

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