Valid Complaints Against Abortion?

How valid is a complaint against abortion if the one making it is unwilling to bear the burden that not having an abortion creates?

I’ve written on what I consider to be the voluntaryist solution to the abortion problem, which you can find here. What I didn’t ponder then is what complaining against abortion means. It means that someone is upset that someone else would do something they feel they have a need to do that harms nobody alive and breathing without offering an alternate solution.

Granted there are those who do offer solutions, and offer their time and resources to educating and supporting girls who are thinking about abortion. My hat’s off to them.

But there are plenty who wail and gnash their teeth at the prospect of abortion that aren’t putting their time and resources where their mouth is. They aren’t willing to ensure the would-be mother’s psychological, biological, and other needs are met.

And to make matters worse, they are offering to grant the state more power to investigate, kidnap, jail, and for some even execute, those who are involved in abortion. How helpful is that, really?

I should add, I am in no way advocating for state-supported schemes like Planned Parenthood. Abortions should never be funded via the violent expropriation of unwilling parties. That should be abolished, as should all legal restriction against abortion.

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