Things I’ve Learned in the New Normal

Nobody asked but …

Some of the things I’ve learned in this iteration of “Normal:”

  • Everyday is a new normal.  Not only are you a unique individual, but you are a different instantiation of that unique individual every moment.
  • A good friend shared with me yesterday — an admirable couple were married for 8 years, when the male was diagnosed as autistic.  Someone asked the female why she hadn’t known.  She opined that the symptoms of autism and maleness were so similar that she hadn’t been able to tell.
  • I have a theory that autism is a precursor to the next stage of evolution.  We’re still waiting to learn if it’s an advancement.
  • Q. … Why does time go so slow for a child and yet the same time appears to go really fast for an adult?           A. … We throw away bags full of chunks of the past whenever we choose to have a spring cleaning of our minds.
  • Sports radio talk shows do not go away when there are no sports.
  • All politicians are not bad.  Most of them are trapped in their preconceived notions.  Like lawyers and accountants, good ones find something better to do.
  • The world still contains two types of people — those who intervene and those who don’t.
  • I have also learned, as did Socrates, who is the smartest; the person that knows that he or she knows nothing.
  • Voluntaryists, libertarians, individualists, and responsible people do not run in packs.

 — Kilgore Forelle 

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