The State is a Blight … But Worse

Nobody asked but …

I may be wrong, but don’t blights actually fizzle out?  The elm blight actually dies when all the elms are gone?

But the state persists, more as the situation worsens.  Venezuela, and its failed government are still there.  France will still be there when the yellow vested ones have gone home.  The USA is doing well, seemingly, with a $21 trillion debt and waves of Mickey Mouse political regimes.  Speaking of Mickey Mouse, has North Korea rejected its emperor yet?  How long was Rome’s fall, and has it hit bottom yet?  Have state churches expunged all of their child molesters yet?

Human beings are the most benighted of the blighted.  Like a bird that beats its own brains out against a window that reflects the sky, we know we are going wrong but we cannot stop.

— Kilgore Forelle

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3 years ago

“Venezuela, and its failed government are still there” helped, nay, PUSHED along by U.S..Government, Imperialist, SANCTIONS on everything Venezuelan I am Anarchist and ATHEIST, but know that EVERYONE has the RIGHT to have A Government, if they wish, one, AND further the TYPE of Governance they wish Even Socialism can work if the People want it to, and don’t mind the consequences of same and sacrifice of Individuality to the GROUP Religions, a perfect example, are also COLLECTIVIST and seem to work satisfactorily for many people. As long as they do not violate my and OUR RIGHTS, I suggest we… Read more »