The Net Effect

Nobody asked but …


We should learn from everything, from the diaper to the shroud, schooling is only a narrow part of that. Then pass it on to the next generation and the next, and the next if you have the chance.

But the state is not really an educator, it is rather an indoctrinator.  This manipulation has an even more profound and damaging aspect.  The state seeks to convince each of us that knowledge is fully delivered in their scheme.  Some of us are dropouts — end of learning.  Others are high school graduates — end of learning.  The professional specialists are drawn from colleges at various levels.  These people narrow their interests to a specific field, and perhaps a few hobbies — end of general learning.

The typical adult in America is a drudge, a bore, a parrot, full of uninformed opinions and unable to keep silent about this creme de la crap.

Check your resume.  If you have stopped learning, if you have stopped expanding your horizons, if you have surrendered to the platoons of official and unofficial bureaucrats, get back on that horse and ride!

— Kilgore Forelle


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