The Great Pretender

Nobody asked but …

The score now stands at 45 attempts, 0 successes.  That is the POTUS scoreboard.  Some POTUS were worse failures than others.  Some came to the job with evil in his heart, others were just incompetent.

In the 1970s, I used to pass the hours on business trips in coach class by reading National Lampoon.  There is one bit of content that I remember vividly.  Some pundit remarked in print, something to the effect of (I paraphrase), the next time you are on a jet plane think of the idea that the pilot may be as big a screw-up as you are! — and I read this while taxiing down a runway.  Ironic?  Yes, but today I am struck more strongly by the notion that any POTUS is a bigger screw-up, and more ill-intended, than I am.

The job has in its parameters, however, an infinite capacity for lies, concealment, arrogance, and pretense.

An example, from the incumbent, will illustrate — completing his first year in office [POTUS] takes credit for 2017 air safety.  According to CNN Money, however, “… there actually haven’t been any deaths on a U.S. passenger airline in nearly nine years.”  This POTUS would take credit for the immaculate conception, but so would all 45 of them — in likely less brazen fashion.  Perhaps it is a good thing that this POTUS is so baldfaced — maybe more of us will become aware of the depth of the pretending.

— Kilgore Forelle

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