Thankful For

I am grateful and thankful for all sorts of things. For my life, my wife, my children, my parents, my jobs, my talents, my house, my car, and my Savior. However, I will say that I am not grateful or thankful for my “freedom”. Freedom is a given, it’s the default, the zero-point. You have freedom unless it’s taken away by someone. To say that I’m grateful for what little freedom we have left in this world is to bring the wrong attention to coercivist institutions. It’s to paint them as the giver and the protector of what freedom it hasn’t consumed. I won’t do that. And you shouldn’t either. Freedom is ours by birthright, and the state steals it by force. Exactly what I am not grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving 2011!

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Founder and editor of and, Skyler is a husband and unschooling father of three beautiful children. His writings include the column series “One Voluntaryist’s Perspective” and “One Improved Unit,” and blog series “Two Cents“. Skyler also wrote the books No Hitting! and Toward a Free Society, and edited the books Everything Voluntary and Unschooling Dads. You can hear Skyler chatting away on his podcasts, Everything Voluntary and Thinking & Doing.