Statists’ Greatest Fear

I can no more imagine being afraid of liberty than I can imagine a Canada goose being afraid of heights.

But that’s just me. I know many people are scared out of their minds at the thought of liberty. They fight against it every way they can think of, and work hard to try to make others as fearful as they are.

They misrepresent liberty.

They define it incorrectly.

They dream up all sorts of “what if” scenarios to justify being afraid.

They have a right to feel as they do, but… They are wrong.

If they stopped at having feelings, no one would be hurt but themselves. Yet they never do. They are so cowardly that they use the aggression of the State to enslave everyone else because of their own fears. This goes beyond being pathetic into committing evil. I pity them, but I also understand I can’t allow them to have their way with people who aren’t as pathetic as they are.

No, I don’t think it’s OK to shoot every statist you encounter, claiming “self-defense”, but I can envision a day where that might end up being the only way to survive and stay out of a cage. I hope these cowards don’t keep getting so much of what they want, because if they do, that dark day will eventually arrive. It won’t be a good day for anyone if (or when) that happens.

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