“Statistics” are Irrelevant

I don’t know if this chart is accurate. It probably is, but the thing is, it doesn’t even matter.

Even if anti-gun “laws” would save some lives (without costing other lives) you don’t have the right to impose those kind of “laws”.

Even if some former slaves die after being freed (and the evidence is pretty clear that a lot of them did die as a direct result of “emancipation”) you still have no right to enslave anyone for any reason. Not for their own good, not “for the children”, and not because the cotton won’t be picked otherwise.

It doesn’t matter if you claim their lives matter, so to keep them alive you need to keep them enslaved. Liberty is dangerous, but it is essential anyway.

It’s the same with “gun control” [sic]. You simply don’t have the right, and if you don’t have a right, you can’t transfer a right you don’t have to someone else on your behalf.

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