Speculation II

Nobody asked but …

As I hoped to have implied in my last post, I feel there are far too many instances of speculation in our culture. The mechanics of infantile learning feed into a vicious feedback loop.

The blind are leading the blind. We have adults, who were raised to jump to conclusions, to disregard facts, and to believe that royalty should rule the world (ie. propaganda), doing most of the training of the young.

Fake news is a by-product of this cultural cul de sac, it appears.

News (sic) seeks to offer only what the audiences want to hear and believe. And misled partisans only want to allow these misinformational reports to carry their own spin.

Political “news” is the most available to the so-called grown-ups at the cable news mills.  Political stories are also closest to fairy tales.

Smell the coffee, dear readers.  Understand that most of the people in the world are benefitted by lying to you.

— Kilgore Forelle

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