Snow Removal

Nobody asked but …

In the last two weeks, we have all become more acquainted with snow removal than we may have hoped.  I just got off my tractor after hauling a huge pallet up and down my thousand foot drive and the 300 foot drive of my neighbor.  Nature will come along in a few days to finish up for us.  But I got to thinking, while on my tractor (a good place to think), and I began to wonder if during this power winter, son of polar vortex, we might, through practice, become pretty good at this removal business.  And having gotten good at it, might we make a technology transfer, and figure out how to apply some of these techniques to state removal.  So far, I have only had very abstract ideas, such as let Mother Nature take her course — it will work, you know.  Another idea is to turn the elements to your advantage — rather than fight with gravity, I park my truck down the hill, close to the road.  Thirdly, maybe enough people will see how poorly the state ameliorates these extremes.  The state may do well at run-of-the-mill problems occasionally (he wrote, tongue-in-cheek), but if they can’t handle unusual problems, why can’t we just suffer as we already do with the big problems, but handle the mainstream problems ourselves.  We don’t need a bunch of state laying around like snow, waiting for a big event — then muffing it.  We can muff our own inclemency.  For a start, let’s remove the state like day-old snow.


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