Rock Salt

Nobody asked but …

I guess now teevee weatherpersons are not the only ones who lose their composure at the prospect of snow.

We are having a subtropical Autumn this year.  Several days ago, Kilgorette called me from out and about, inquiring as to the forecast.  It seems the road people were putting down a slather of salt slurry, even on our back roads.  There was only a slight chance for snow, and we eventually got maybe a half inch.

Now, a few days later, there is a chemical rock saltoid again on the sidewalks and byways.  But there is only the most modest projection of any precipitation.

Could it be budget-think?  In previous winters, have the roads’ middle management been embarrassed by not using up their stockpiles?  In pendulum response are they now using snow melting substances at profligate, break-neck pace?

— Kilgore Forelle

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