Re: The Reefer Bowl

Nobody asked but …

It is only chance that has paired up Washington (state) and Colorado twice, as the two states that have legalized pot, and as the two states whose resident teams will be in the Super Bowl.  And although I have often inveighed on conflation, this conflation seems to be a happy use!  What I like most about it is that it will call attention from the foo’pall crowd (containing a high percentage of the uninformed among us[*]) that certain parts of America are finally getting the message.  No publicity is bad pub.  I, personally, don’t care if I ever see a doobie again — the few times I’ve tried them they have made me extremely nauseous.  But I also have a severe reaction to nitpicky, interventionist laws.  I do not support the legalization of cannabis, I support the complete removal of laws pertaining to cannabis and/or its use and/or its marketing.  If the state really wants to beat us down they should make dandelions illegal, and they could tax them at the same time.


ps — I see at this posting that Skyler has 77 hits on his post titled “On the Reefer Bowl,” so being very quick on the uptake I have made this post carrying the words “reefer” and “bowl” in hopes of staying in Skyler’s league.

[*] The Forelle IQ test question is which do you find more intellectually challenging, a) American Football, b) Rugby League, c) Soccer, d) Australian Rules Football, or e) Rugby Union? (in a particular order)

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