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I received this insightful reply to my post on “the law”, by “bootstrap“:

The “law” is blatant, obvious, first-order fiction. The “law” does not exist. Period.

A sane individual must know how to distinguish what exists from what does not exist, or that individual is insane in the most fundamental possible way. Nothing can be more fundamental that “exists versus doesn’t exist” AKA “real or fiction” AKA “is versus is-not”. The most cliche visualization of an “insane human” is someone who is trying to catch non-existent butterflies (or insects or angels or anything) flying around their head. The problem there is precisely an inability to distinguish “exists” versus “does not exist”.

To coin a name, a label, to identify a fiction (something that doesn’t exist) does not make the purported referent of the mental-unit designated by that name or label exist. This is utterly obvious to any sane human being, for otherwise they would believe coining a name like “Santa Claus” makes a fat man in a red suit in a toy factory at the north pole POP into existence.

No sane adult believes such nonsense. Unfortunately, almost all adults believe equally insane notions, including the belief that the following fictional names mean and refer-to something real in the external world (beyond the mental-unit in your head): “law”, “nation”, “authority”, “government”, “corporation”.

How can an individual determine which mental-units that have been jammed into their head, and which mean and refer-to something [real]? This would be fairly straightforward if humans were not brainwashed from birth to make the bogus fictional mental-units the most primary, active and causal mental-units in their brains. In other words, humans have habituated the practice of accepting bogus mental-units as real and legitimate by a lifetime of brainwashing and influence.

Nonetheless, certain approaches are fairly effective. For example, here is the thought process a sane, honest, prudent individual might go through to determine whether the mental-unit “government” was real or fiction.

How does “government” come to exist? Well, obviously “government” did not exist a million years ago (on earth), so we definitely know “government” cannot be eternal… it must “come into existence” to exist at all. And so, how does “government” supposedly come to exist?

The supposed process is quite well known. A dozen or two humans sit around a table, figure out how they wish to impose their will on millions or billions of unwilling, unknowing humans, smear ink on paper in the shapes of words, then simply assert “we created a government [and a nation] which obligates everyone in a certain area (hundreds or thousands of miles) and their descendants for eternity to do what we and our fellow predators demand, refrain from what we and our followers demand, and pay us whatever we demand.

Any individual who visualizes and considers the above can easily realize that NOTHING new “popped into existence”. What existed before their gathering (humans, ink, paper or parchment) is precisely what exists after their gathering. In other words, NOTHING popped into existence, and certainly not “law”, “nation”, “country”, “officials”, “authority”, “government”.

The above is quite clear to any honest human being… who also makes a serious effort to be sane. One might go through a few more thoughts to reinforce their confidence in their conclusion. For example, they might note that many, dozens, hundreds, thousands, even millions of tiny groups of human beings can also smear ink on paper and claim to create entire independent “laws”, “nations”, “countries”, “officials”, “authority”, “government”, all of which massively contradict each other. Every sane individual knows that contradictions cannot exist in reality (only as false assertions and mental-units), which is yet another indication that supposedly creating “law”, “nation”, “country”, “official”, “authority”, “government” is inherently bogus.

A sane, thoughtful individual can work through every mental-unit and determine whether that mental-unit is a “fiction” or not… whether that mental-unit means and refers-to something real (something that exists), or does not.

Seeking fundamental contradictions is also often effective. For example, consider the mental-unit called “authority”. Consider the following thought process a sane individual might go through to understand whether “authority” is possible.

Every human being came to exist the same way… they were born. Every human being is the same kind of being (same species in this case). Every functional human being has arms, legs, lungs, hearts, brains and so forth. The mere symmetry of fundamental characteristics makes clear that no human being “A” can have “authority” over any other human being “B” that “B” does not have over “A”. In other words… ZERO, NONE. The very notion that a human can have authority over another is an inherent blatant contradiction.

Note that it doesn’t matter how many different ways human beings PRETEND to create “law”, “nation”, “authority”, “government” or any other fiction. They don’t exist, and so any and all justifications are inherently utterly BOGUS.

Very well put.


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