Riley’s Journey, Anarcho Agenda Podcast (1h26m) – Episode 096

Episode 096 welcomes Riley Blake of Anarcho Agenda to the podcast for a chat with Skyler. Topics include: Riley’s podcast, getting into audio processing, the challenges of being blind, origins of our libertarian journeys, podcasting challenges, free market of ideas and never censoring people, self-directed education (unschooling), the cycle of abuse in parenting, school, and the state, power vs. freedom, negotiating with children, becoming better people through libertarianism, and more.

Rodger’s Journey, the Free State Project, & Radical Unschooling (47m) – Episode 095

Episode 095 welcomes Rodger Paxton of The LAVA Flow to the podcast for a chat with Skyler. Topics include: Rodger’s podcast production company Pax Libertas Productions, mid-90s awareness of Ron Paul, Ayn Rand, the New Hampshire Free State Project, the importance of homeschooling to advancing liberty, Rodger’s experience with radical unschooling, the heavy costs of authoritarian parenting, drunk driving as a victimless crime, and more.

Will’s Journey, Agorism, & Content Recommendations (1h8m) – Episode 093

Episode 093 welcomes Will Treadway to the podcast for a chat with Skyler. Topics include: industrial work, his lifelong passion for reading, recommended books and television series, comic book movies, 9/11, becoming anti-war, adoption, agorism, civil disobedience and challenging jurisdiction, occupational licensure, caveat emptor, the courage in digging for truth, and more.

The Boys are Back in Town! (1h29m) – Episode 092

Episode 092 welcomes Skyler’s oldest friends Chase Steffensen and Rob Alvord for a reunion chat. Topics include: free market libraries, favorite podcasts, growing up together, Rob’s band Fat Candice, the history of voluntaryism, cryptocurrency and Heleum, unschooling, Harry Potter, adolescents, Ron Paul, objectivism, buddhist meditation, atheism, the psychology of cults, trespassing as a hobby, Free to Choose, and much more!

Christian’s Journey, Future Unschooling Dad (1h10m) – Episode 091

Episode 091 welcomes Christian Vander Veur to the podcast for a chat with Skyler. Topics include: voluntaryist dating, Republican Mormon upbringing, post-mission blues, religion and atheistic agnosticism, the possibilities of an afterlife, his plans to unschool his future children, many of Skyler’s experiences with unschooling his kids, peaceful parenting, and more.

Ian’s Journey, Communal Living, & Nonviolent Communication (1h10m) – Episode 090

Episode 090 welcomes Ian Mayes to the podcast for a chat with Skyler. Topics include: libertarian socialism / post-left anarchism and voluntaryism, Max Stirner and egoism, authoritarian parenting, “Taking Children Seriously” movement, living in egalitarian communes, intentional communities, nonviolent communication, Carl Rogers, ideological meetups, trademark-based censorship, Star Trek, and much more.

Corey’s Journey (1h35m) – Episode 089

Episode 089 welcomes Corey Christiansen to the podcast for a chat with Skyler. Topics include: video gaming and their business models, Amazon Prime, Google’s Project Fi, cell phone norms in Europe, taking risks growing up, rock climbing, sibling’s politics, political simulations in school, anarchist dating, digital rights management, Ron Paul, celebritarians, quality vs. quantity in production, his soon-to-launch student loan refinance consulting business.

Jesse’s Journey, and Electoral Activism (1h36m) – Episode 088

Episode 088 welcomes Jesse Riddle to the podcast for a chat with Skyler about why he strongly believes that libertarians and anarchists should participate in the electoral process. Topics include: Libertarian Party politics and growing up in Indiana, alcohol laws in Indiana and Utah, unschooling and peaceful parenting, the purpose of life, his reasons for participating in the electoral process as a libertarian anarchist, Utah’s Libertas Institute, Letters to the Editor, and more.

Alex’s Journey, and Writing Fiction (1h21m) – Episode 085

Episode 085 welcomes Alex Knight, III to the podcast for a chat with Skyler. Topics include: large print books, becoming a fiction writer, his rock bands, growing up in the Northeast United States, his parents, political awareness as a teen, marijuana legalization, Libertarian Party of New Hampshire, Harry Browne, Marc Stevens and his No State Project, thoughts on veganism, dating as an anarchist, libertarian themed short stories, and Netflix recommendations.