On “Illuminati”, “New World Order”, Etc.

Regarding “secret combinations” such as the “Illuminati” and their plan for a “New World Order“, I don’t pay much attention to these “political machinations” because I want to see it abolished in toto. Secret combinations need a power structure to infiltrate and “combine” with. I oppose any establishment of a monopoly power structure, ie. the state. Therefore, this isn’t an anarchist/voluntaryist problem, it’s a statist problem. Does that make sense?

Constitutionalists want a limited, constitutional state, but with that comes a monopoly power structure ripe for the infiltrating. I’m a “strike-the-root” kind of guy, and abolishing and preventing the formation of a state, even a constitutional state, is the only sure way to prevent secret combinations from having any real effect. So long as we have a state, we have the threat of secret combinations. Sound economic (Austrian School) and political philosophy (anarcho-capitalism) teaches us that a monopoly power structure is an unnecessary evil, not a necessary one. Therefore, on philosophical and economical grounds, I’m anti-state, ie. an anarchist, or less linguistically controversial, a voluntaryist.

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