On Being Happier

I no longer try to convince others that my political views are better than their own. This is a much happier place for me to be. Politics seems mostly about determining which tribe gets to appropriate the people’s money to fund its own special interests. None of it appears very noble or altruistic. Most often it involves threats of violence and coercion. Should I claim the moral high ground just because I advocate to spend somewhat less of  my neighbor’s earnings than the next guy and his tribe? That has always been a struggle for me.  In order to be happier, I quietly left the political arena. If you live in my community and have an idea that is voluntary and cooperative, I commend that and may offer to join you. But I won’t try to force you or anyone else to pay for stuff you don’t want or need.   Giving up all plans for how to spend my neighbor’s money worked for me.  It may work for others too.

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Jim Rosenbeck is the former chair of the Libertarian Party of NY. He is a retired high school counselor advocating for school choice free from government dogma and regulation. Jim and his wife Debbie live in Western New York State and champion voluntary and cooperative action as the best alternative to an authoritarian and coercive state.