No One Will Tell You

You will not be told the most important truths. Because no one can tell you. You have to discover them yourself from experience.

People can tell you ideas and information that may be useful. They can articulate versions of their truths. But the truths most important to your life can only be won through piecing together everything you experience, learning patterns, and seeing how they hold up and improve your life and thinking.

There’s no shortcut or book of important truths you can quickly ingest. There’s only living with curiosity, openness, and clear thinking.

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Isaac Morehouse is the founder and CEO of Praxis, an awesome startup apprenticeship program. He is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of freedom. He’s written some books, done some podcasting, and is always experimenting with self-directed living and learning. When he’s not with his wife and kids or building his company, he can be found smoking cigars, playing guitars, singing, reading, writing, getting angry watching sports teams from his home state of Michigan, or enjoying the beach.