Next Project: Everywhere Stateless

Writes Skyler Collins:

I’ve finalized my list of essays for my next book project. It will be titled Everywhere Stateless – Imagining a Free Society. It will mimic the style and formatting of my first book, Everything Voluntary. I consider it a second volume in the series. I’ve begun putting it all into book form, and the editing process.

Everywhere Stateless – Imagining a Free Society will introduce and make the argument for a completely free society, a stateless society. It will examine the private provision of law and order, municipal services, and the marketplace. Each chapter will be followed by a “Further Reading” page that will introduce the reader to the available literature on the topic. Scholarship in statelessness is vast, growing, intellectually compelling, and very exciting. Once again I will standing on the shoulders of giants and giant ideas and help to shine a light on their logically sound arguments.

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