Must Be “Opposite Day”

I read a blog post where the act of v*ting was characterized as “prosocial” behavior.


When someone v*tes they seek to exert political power over others. Either to get a cut of other people’s stolen property, to impose “laws” which violate the life, liberty, and property of other people, or to choose someone to rule over them. That certainly sounds like antisocial behavior to me.

So where does this idea that v*ting is “prosocial” come from?

Maybe it comes from the idea of “civic duty”. Where you are expected to participate in, or at least endorse, society’s worst behaviors so that no one else feels bad about the nasty things they do to others. Or, at least that’s how I see it.

I know I absolutely don’t see v*ting, or otherwise participating in politics, as “prosocial” in any way.

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