More Bad News for the Regulatorbots

Nobody asked but …

Sanford Ikeda deflates 18 of the anti-free-market balloons, here, here, and here.

Here are some of the falsehoods he addresses:

  • The free market creates scarcity and higher prices
  • The free market encourages racism, homophobia, and other types of bigotry 
  • The free market is pro-war
  • The free market is always efficient
  • The free market is “dog eat dog,” encouraging people to cheat and steal from one another with impunity
  • The free market promotes monopoly
  • The free market discourages charity and sympathy 
  • The free market must be regulated
  •  innovation in a free market causes chronic unemployment
  •  … and nine more falsehoods.

These are all examples of factual and analytical misinformation.  They almost all contain logic fallacies as well.  The former is a content problem, while the latter is a structure problem.  Be sure to see also the series from my alter ego, Verbal Vol, on logic fallacies.


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