Momentum Is Tricky

Nobody asked but …

My most recent post was a bucket list, that was very organic (ie: haphazard).  We often attempt poems on strictly formatted forms because they make us think in new ways.  The alphab[uck]et list is a structure just discovered.

Confronted with a naked alphabet, I must devise a word or phrase that starts with each letter, is related to a bucket list, and related to voluntaryism.  The benefit is that you may realize a few things, people, places, and/or occasions that carved into your subconscious.

“Momentum is tricky” is a phrase from my alphabetically framed voluntaryist bucket list that tweaks my imagination (note also that “imagination” pops up on the list).

Momentum is quite tricky.

It may speed your arrival at a goal.

Or it may push you to the side, going goalward at a slower pace, broadening your progress and your knowledge.

Another possibility is that of having taken the wrong path,  where forward motion of any kind is perhaps a negative.  The third alternative, however, may also be a positive. Whether you changed horses midstream or not, the new destination may be ideal, but previously unknown to you.

That could be the secret to happiness.  In any locale or any situation, you can find something to be happy about.  Having gained that toehold you can then expand your receptors to analyze the terrain or relationships into 4 categories, happy, don’t care, low priority, high priority.  Let “don’t care” be the floor of your outlook.

— Kilgore Forelle


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