Making Waves

It is odd that I am expected to have no issue with people who want others to molest me at gunpoint. In fact, it’s considered rude of me to notice that they are asking others to molest me at gunpoint. They might cry “That’s not what’s going on– there are laws. There have to be! It’s just how civilization works!

Yet, being quite honest, that is what’s going on.

Any “law” which violates life, liberty, or property is a threat to molest you at gunpoint– and murder you if you don’t comply fast enough. There’s no other honest way to look at it. And that’s the vast majority of the “laws” today.

It’s not considered polite to notice what’s going on and to point it out to others who prefer denial.

It doesn’t matter that very few of those “laws” actually affect me. I would be a self-centered monster if that were the only reason I object. I don’t want my worst enemy molested by “laws” because I know those same “laws” can also be used against people I like. Or even me. But, even if they aren’t, those “laws” are still not right.

Silence in the face of those “laws”– and the people who support them– is socially acceptable (but kind of wishy-washy and cowardly).

You’ll never be widely well-thought of by standing up for what’s right when wrongness has so many fans.

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