Life Is Hard

Nobody asked but …

Once on Seinfeld, Elaine complained about having to shake a bottle of juice.  This is supposed to be light satire, but really life IS hard.  It’s full of choices, but way too many of them are prefabricated choices.  Why did Elaine’s bottle appear to command a choice with no alternative?  What difference did it make where in the drinking process she got her pulp?  But everyday we are confronted with thousands of choices.  Shall we talk or shall we be quiet?  Shall we fix problems on our own, or shall we learn from others?  Shall we be commanded or shall we be in trial-and-error mode?  Intuition may tell us that people are usually glad to assist, share, command, but tuition should further tell us that there is overhead in seeking help.  TAANSTAAFL!  The real excise, however, comes about in which path you choose.  Shall you be helpless and pay the freight, or shall you always take the voluntary route, and learn.  Again, I am reminded of Elaine — she sloughed off the advice from her friends at the Soup Nazi‘s place, thereby getting embargoed for one year.  The big question I want to ask is, since life is so hard, why do people want to spend time living others’ lives for them?


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