Libertarian Tradition

Nobody asked but …

I could not help but share this link with you.  This is the Bob Wenzel Show podcast and the guest is Walter Block.  People like Walter, and Lew Rockwell, and Bob Higgs, and Tom Woods are our remaining connections to Murray Rothbard.  What I liked so much about this podcast was Walter Block’s vivid enlivening of the 1950s-60s New York City scene which included the meetings at Rothbard’s, the Circle Bastiat, and the gatherings at Ayn Rand’s.  This glimpse shows how far voluntaryism, anarchism, and libertarianism have come in 5+ decades.  The first link also directs you to Freedom’s Floodgates, which claims to be “The #1 Aggregator of Liberty Oriented Blogs, Videos & Podcasts.”  Enjoy.


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