Is ‘Too Nice’ a Problem?

Nobody asked but …

POTUS recently exhorted a gathering of LEOs to not be “too nice.”  Why do cops misperceive that when they please politicians, it is entirely removed from pleasing the public, except for its authoritarians? Politicians play to the authoritarians, who in turn are happy to tell everyone not only how to vote, but how to worship wielders of violence, and, well, how to do everything.

— Kilgore Forelle

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H. Rearden
H. Rearden
5 years ago

It has been reported that ironically just one day before Trump spoke to those leo’s a cop in the same county where Trump spoke at was arrested for the rape of a woman he arrested. One might also find it ironic that the community in which Trump spoke to the leo’s in was for a time during the 19th century an Anarchist community that was established by Josiah Warren * which did not have jails, police, or courts.

* Modern Times was the name of the community. The land today is the hamlet called Brentwood.