Iranian Nuclear Inspections

Nobody asked but …

Iran is talking about agreeing to undergo international nuclear inspections?  Really?  When did they stop beating their wives?  The problem here is that such an agreement is not worth the paper it is written on, rather it has vast negative costs.  Let’s review how the UN supervised inspections of Iraq worked.  On second thought, let’s not if we are going to learn nothing from it.  The fundamental is that no one can prove a negative — in this case, all the inspections in the world will not prove that Iran does not have a nuclear weapon.  That is why the WMD scam worked so well for those in the US who wanted to attack Iraq — there is no way to prove the absence of anything.  And there was a huge shell game played on the American people (not the first and not the last); although we had inspectors in Iraq, we just kept up a side effect of dysinformational distraction that made it impossible to watch the pea.  One day, we are questioning the UN (probably richly deserved), the next day we are accusing the suspect country’s leaders of denying access to the inspectors, and another day we are bombarding everyone with bogus intelligence, then we are flooding the Sunday political talk shows with carefully forged deniable lies.  Please spare us further Kabuki theater.


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