Intellectual Vandalism and The Steadfastness of Reason

The most influential “opinion-forming” political, corporate, media-entertainment and “educational” centers are currently testing the question to what extent it is possible to completely demean human reason by filling it with content not even lying, but absurd, and not so much systemically ideological as grotesquely self-contradicting.

Therefore, they do not so much build any doctrinally-coherent narrative, but promote several mutually contradictory narratives at the same time. For example: on the one hand they force a primitive scientism that treats “empirical experiments” and “statistical data” as the final and exclusive source of truth, but on the other hand they eagerly pester the so-called postmodernism, or the suggestion that instead of truth, man has only an infinite number of “personal points of view” and “subjective experiences” at his disposal.

Similarly, on the one hand, they disseminate the supposedly emancipatory message that sex is a purely biological category, which would suggest that all cultural sex differences are purely arbitrary or imposed, and on the other hand, they more and more boldly promote reports that sex is a purely psychological category, of which it is supposed to be reduced only to certain cultural choices and preferences that have nothing to do with biology.

On the one hand, they proclaim a deceptively liberal “decision about their body” agenda, and on the other hand – especially in recent times – they zealously support the overtly totalitarian agenda of social exclusion of people who refuse to take certain pharmaceutical preparations.

On the one hand, you hear more and more intrusive chatter about the need to “save the Earth from unbridled consumerism”, and on the other hand, consistent calls to “cause inflation to drive consumption” or similar justifications for inflation that have already been induced, or rumors about the so-called public debt could grow indefinitely.

On the one hand, the misanthropic cult of nature, emphasizing the supposed wisdom of choosing the “primal mode of existence”, is being increasingly brazenly trying to pester mankind, and on the other hand, the equally misanthropic cult of robots and alleged “thinking machines” is being consistently forced to suggest that it will be time for “natural intelligence” to give way to the field for “artificial superintelligence”.

On the one hand, there is more and more talk about the supposed need to “reduce inequalities” and “redistribute wealth towards the poor”, and on the other hand, the next sentence directly promotes depriving these poor people of access to a meat diet or private cars.

On the one hand, the so-called global elites swarm endlessly with empty slogans about “diversity” and “inclusiveness”, and on the other hand, they immediately emphasize the need to sweep under the carpet opinions inconsistent with various alleged “scientific consensus” or “consensus expert opinions”.

Thus, the aggressive flooding of all media with the above narratives is not about strengthening old-fashioned “power” or “control”, because a society completely stunned by accepting a similar dose of multi-story absurdity at face value would have to become completely unproductive, and there is no interest or satisfaction in controlling an unproductive mass that cannot be parasitized in any way. Instead, it is only about pure intellectual vandalism and cultural hooliganism, because only for such a goal – to a total inversion of values ​​- ultimately leads to the belief that you are the master of reality, and the “opinion-forming” centers mentioned at the beginning have been of this belief for a very long time.

Therefore, in order not to allow them to achieve this goal, it is necessary to tirelessly stick to everything that allows us to look at reality in a sober, constructive and human dignity manner. First of all, you need to consciously protect yourself and your loved ones against the influence of all messages that cannot be reconciled with the law of non-contradiction and the timeless rules of logical inference resulting from it. Secondly, it is worth finding support in the tradition understood as the accumulated wisdom of the ages, which for thousands of years made it possible for the great collective intellectual, moral, aesthetic and spiritual effort known as civilization to continue and flourish. Thirdly, one should act against everything that explicitly or covertly violates the broadly understood personal freedom – in terms of both expressing thoughts and positions, and managing the fruits of one’s work.

Then the above-described intellectual-cultural vandalism can be treated as a phenomenon more ridiculous than terrible and more embarrassing than degrading, waiting calmly for its inevitable self-destruction. And when it is over, it will be possible to say with healthy satisfaction that you have never failed in your gifts of reason, conscience and dignity, even if you were in a very small minority from a certain point on, which decided to remain steadfast in this matter to the end.

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“You are what you value. I value: individual liberty, economic common sense, logical rigour, clarity of thought, intellectual integrity and quiet charity.”