In Defense of Children

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As my children grew, I, like most parents taught my sons that it was not ok to hit, or to take what isn’t theirs. Violence, taking, bullying and lying were punished with the loss of privileges and an attempt on my part to help my sons grasp that they should treat others as they wish to be treated. I imagine you tried to teach your own kids similar things. Those maxims tend to be reinforced in school, and in other areas our children frequent socially. They are taught to hold these morals as the standard of behavior for interacting with other people, and are held accountable when they stray from these norms.

Fundamentally, what we try to teach our children to live by is this: it is wrong to initiate violence against other people, it is wrong to take what does not belong to you, it is wrong to threaten people into doing what you want them to, it is wrong to misrepresent and intentionally deceive people, and if you want other people to treat you kindly, then you should treat others with kindness.
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