If You Have Nothing to Hide

Nobody asked but …

One cannot prove a negative.   That alone should be sufficient to disprove the cockeyed idea that if you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing about which to worry.  Dan Carlin, on his excellent podcast,  Common Sense,  retells the story of the New Mexico man who suffered 14 hours of anal probing because a traffic cop thought he saw the man “clench his buttocks.”  Dan says this is even a better debunking of the canard of nothing to hide, nothing to fear.  I agree — it is not an abstraction but a vivid concrete demonstration of the futility of trying to prove that you have nothing to hide.  Our legal system has turned from one in which you are innocent until proven guilty into a system where the burden of proof is on the innocent man.  I also understand that the poor man received a whopping bill from the hospital, where his trial without a trial was conducted.


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