Humpty Dumpty II

Nobody asked but …

You may be assured that somewhere behind Humpty Dumpty, among the King’s men, there is an Iago.  He has put Humpty Dumpty on that wall.  In Kentucky, we talk about a turtle on a fence post — we don’t know how he got there, but we know he did not do it himself.  He had an Iago.  Iago suppresses his own desires monomaniacally to elevate Humpty Dumpty, and he then pretends absolute loyalty to his work of art, he makes his creation addicted to loyalty in view of eventually his assuming the crown.  He then denounces all of his enemies as disloyal to the crown so that Humpty has no one else on whom to lean.  The coup de gras comes when Iago removes his support while convincing Humpty that the support is still there.  Now the obsession turns to Iago’s self-service, and he begins to plot replacing the perilously balanced Dumpty.  Shakespeare’s Iago came to a bad end while deploying his scheme, but there are no ends of Iagos.  There is always another to take his place. They are in the oligarchy, in the ruling class.  In U. S. history we have many examples.  Washington and Hamilton, Adams and Hamilton, FDR and his revolving packs of whiz kids and communists, Ike and the Dulles boys, JFK and RFK, Nixon and Haldeman/Ehrlichman, Bill Clinton and Hillary, Bush II and the neo-cons.


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