How Things (Fail To) Work

It seems many– if not most— people have hypotheses of How Things Work that depend on everyone being evil idiots… except when they have political power. In that case, they are necessary and society can’t function without them.

Mmhmm. Sure.

These people never seem to notice how completely irrational and delusional this hypothesis truly is. And yet they’ll lecture the rest of us to accept their diseased “reality”.

Usually, their main mistake is in defining every human interaction as “politics” when that’s simply not the case. Only the unethical “win/lose” interactions are political, the rest aren’t. And those political interactions aren’t essential to society– in fact, they are inimical to it; they are the opposite of social interactions. Politics is antisocial.

Are you going to be schooled on how to live among others by people who imagine everything is political, and that’s not a bad thing? I will not.

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