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This is a book report on The Fifth Risk by Michael Lewis.  A very good friend, but a liberal intervener, recommended the book to me, and I’m sure that she recommended it because its main theme is that the current White House is grossly negligent.  But I got a far different message from the book.  I already knew that administering the cancer, aka the federal government, was impossible.  I already knew that, even if the feds were manageable, that this White House is deeply incompetent, having a snowball’s chance in Hell of draining the swamp.  I already knew that this monarchy-disguised-as-democracy was never intended to work for the person-in-the-street.

I recommend the book because it seems to offer a far more accurate picture of the bureaucracy than offered by the MSM, and how the bureaucracy are just silos of self-serving, making things up as they go.

Lewis covers several agencies of the USA’s official face of the oligarchy. And he also covers the pre-election WH wannabees, how Chris Christie was sandbagged as head of the “transition team,” having the rug pulled out from under him when the slapstick operation realized they were headed to the West Wing.  There was no transition.  The agencies were left in the dark.

How much do you know about the ongoing project list at any bureaucracy?  How is it that the feds can find a specific cow, but not an individual terrorist?  Why did it take nearly a decade to deal with Osama bin laden?  Why have we never found the WMD?  It’s because the unfinishable project is the dream of every tax thief.

— Kilgore Forelle

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