Habit Mastery: Creating the New Normal

Editor’s Pick. Written by Leo Babauta.

Changing habits, at its core, is simply a process of changing what’s normal for you.

This is something I’ve done myself a gajillion times over the last 7-8 years:

  • not smoking became my new normal (lots of pain for a month or so)
  • running became normal
  • eating vegetarian became normal
  • later eating vegan became normal
  • writing every day became normal
  • not having sugar in my coffee became normal
  • eating whole foods (instead of junk foods) became normal
  • meditating every morning became normal
  • having less stuff and a simpler home became my new normal
  • reducing and eventually (mostly) eliminating sugar became normal
  • and so on: no car, walk and ride mass transit, do less, becoming content with myself, working for myself, etc.

In fact, you could say the last 8 years of my life has been a constant adjusting of what’s normal. Adjusting normal is my normal now.

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