Flim Flam at the Church School

Nobody asked but …

My little town was the town in which the movie, The Flim Flam Man, was made, more than 45 years ago.  A flim flam is a down-home phrase for a confidence game or snake oil proposition.  Now the phenomenon is back in real life this time.  A local church school, on its front-yard message board, said “God accepts broken hearts, but he must have all the pieces.”  , Normally, I get something from these boards, but I just don’t understand why people of the cloth feel that they must cram this kind of idea down everyone’s throats.  God is what God is.  We don’t have to make up cutesy stuff like this to deceive the followers.  Nobody here on the planet knows what God is, despite the curve balls they may lob at you from time to time.  But I have a very difficult time in seeing a God who needs us to be slaves.  If there is a God, which we will all learn sooner or later, He is in no danger of losing anyone that He wants to keep.  It seems hugely egotistical to assume a God who would make this kind of demand.  No, they are the self-appointed minions here on Earth who sell this kind of swampland, to serve their enjoyment of worldly comfort and/or power.  It seems like the same fear-mongering that the state does to keep us in taxpaying line.


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