Editor’s Break 024 – Is Intellectual Property Piracy Theft? (11m)

Editor’s Break 024 looks at the claim that “stealing” creative works, aka piracy, is a form of theft. It’s not; not in the slightest. There, I spoiled it.

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Founder and editor of Everything-Voluntary.com and UnschoolingDads.com, Skyler is a husband and unschooling father of three beautiful children. His writings include the column series “One Voluntaryist’s Perspective” and “One Improved Unit,” and blog series “Two Cents“. Skyler also wrote the books No Hitting! and Toward a Free Society, and edited the books Everything Voluntary and Unschooling Dads. You can hear Skyler chatting away on his podcasts, Everything Voluntary and Thinking & Doing.

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5 years ago

Hi Skyler, I understand where you are coming from, and for the most part, agree. That said, I am troubled by some of the Anti-AP conclusions. If, as you say there is no “stealing” in taking another’s work and copying it, how would you feel if I were to take your Book, “No Hitting!” publish it on the internet, and keep the profits?Is your arrangement of words and ideas ownable? Do I have to pay you a royalty every time I write down your idea? If I paraphrase your idea but still use it’s essence, do I still owe you… Read more »