Driver’s License

Nobody asked but …

I have been stalked by the state for every day of my life.  I had to refer to my driver’s license this morning to fill out some medical paperwork.  And I began to study it (I have had this one for almost 4 years, but I have had some driver’s license for 55 consecutive years — from KY, OH, IL, CO, and KY again.  I also have had a Social Security card since sometime in the 60s.  I had a draft card from 61 through 78.  I have a TN birth certificate).  I voluntarily obtained the DL in 1959, but I reckon that they are no longer voluntary.  I had various fake DLs between 1962 and 1964 when I was in my first two years of college — who knows what I used them for — chuckle chuckle.  What I want to know today, however, is why “A driver MUST get duplicate license within 10 days of address or name change?”  There is no citation of statute with that command, in small print, on the back bottom of my DL.  Is somebody worried about losing me?  Do people who are trying to get or stay lost obey this stern command?  Why is it that the state wants to know so much about me?  Why don’t they just make stuff up?  Oh wait!  They already do!


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