Don’t Help Cops Feel Useful

I don’t want cops to feel useful, wanted, or needed.

I’d rather they struggle to walk the boredom tightrope between donuts and steroids without anyone inviting them into their life. If they are going to be collecting their ill-gotten paychecks anyway, I’d rather they be sitting in the donut shop than out “on the streets.” It keeps the harm they do to a minimum. I don’t want them “earning their pay” by committing acts of enforcement. Not even against my worst enemy.

I don’t want cops to feel useful, wanted, or needed. Because they aren’t.

Let the only official duties they perform be robbing drivers, molesting property owners, and other acts of archation. Period. Don’t let them do anything to feel useful, wanted, or needed.

I understand calling them when your insurance company demands it. I also consider that requirement an act of aggression by the insurance company, but good luck finding one that doesn’t insist on involving cops.

But, otherwise, please don’t call the cops. For your own safety’s sake, if nothing else. There is no situation so bad it can’t be made much worse by inviting a cop into the mix.

Plus, I don’t want cops to feel useful, wanted, or needed.

Call me instead. Or call a neighbor. Or handle it yourself. Or call a crackhead– your life will be in less danger from him or her, I promise you.

But don’t do anything to help cops feel useful, wanted, or needed. They are parasites on society. Let them feel that way. Let that feeling lead them to make better choices. Or not. Not my problem.

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