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I was just scanning the Google News headlines for today, when two particular stories caught my eye.  One concerns a state-appointed financial manager for Detroit and the other concerns three shot dead in ” … the latest in a series of shooting incidents in the city.”  As someone who was indirectly but significantly involved with the 1967 Detroit riot, I say, wryly, “this just in … .”  Are we just now noticing that Detroit is a hellhole, and are we still harboring the unicorn and butterfly view that the state can do anything right for Detroit?  Apparently so.  But the real point I want to make, before some statist clown says something like “if you want to be an anarchist then move to Detroit,” is that anarchy is not in place in Detroit.  What we are seeing in Detroit is the collapse of the state, a precursor to anarchy.  Anarchy will be a clean slate, which will either prevail or serve as a brief precursor to another state.  The violence is a product of those who are struggling to maintain the old order, to preserve artificial redistributions of wealth and power that arose under the state.  Anarchy is defined as an absence of rulers — not the case in Detroit.  Detroit is ruled by the illegitimate war lords who are the unintended, unforeseen consequences of three centuries of statist rule.


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