Childish, Adult, or Mature?

I recently heard someone who was making a distinction between the “childish approach” of the political “left” and the “adult approach” of the political “right”. I believe he missed something important. He was so focused on “right” and “left” he forgot to consider right and wrong.

The childish approach: “That’s not fair! It’s hard. I don’t want to do that! I just want to do stuff that I like.

His amoral “adult” approach: “This will hurt right now, but we need to do it anyway for a better long-term result.

The ethical mature approach (which he ignored because it is neither “right” nor “left”):

Don’t do the wrong thing, no matter your justification or excuses. The right way might not feel as good. It might not bring the results you want as fast as some other ways. But if you can’t get what you want or believe you need without archating, then you’re just going to have to live with it. Unless you want to be a monster. You never have the right to archate.

As you can see, many times there are more than two choices (and there may even be more than three). Don’t let people fool you into missing the best choice by trying to force you to choose between two contrived choices they prefer you consider.

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4 years ago

We live in a world of “False Paradigms” ,created by and under the instructions of THOSE psychopaths at the “Top of the Pyramid” of POWER and Right/Left are just one of the many such as, but not limited to , Government and Religion

We are born Anarchists and Atheists until parents allow a statist-collectivist “education” system of POWER -MONGERS, to attempt to indoctrinate, by FORCE, our children, otherwise.

If we don’t resist,they win.

I resisted and my son won.