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The Constitution reminds us that natural rights include free speech and free peaceable assembly.  Some have trouble understanding the laser clarity of these rights.  So far the Governor of Virginia and POTUS have put their feet in their mouths on this.  Governor tried to push the blame onto the ACLU, and POTUS took a “spread the accountability” chit on the occurrence.  First of all, the ACLU asked the court for nothing that should not be acknowledged by the Constitution of the USA.  The message does not defeat the natural right to free speech and free peaceable assembly.  So no matter how you regard the “white heritage” POV, you cannot by law shut them up until they step outside the four corners of the First Amendment (for example, if they eschew “peaceable”).  The same applies for the “anti-white heritage” POV, as well as the “to hell with ethnicity” POV.  The Charlottesville demonstrations got out-of-hand; they were non-peaceable.  But is anybody surprised?  Part of the baggage of a free republic is that it gets out-of-hand sometimes.

— Kilgore Forelle

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