Bumming Bridges

Nobody asked but …

It really doesn’t matter which party is involved, because we can name miscreants from either party until we turn blue in the face.  The real problem is the state and the schizoid minions who claim to operate it.  I will not name names or places, because I am going for an indictment of the system.  These are dangerous people, these people who can create a traffic jam that affects one of the busiest bridges in the world, that prevents most of a state from getting to work on time, and hampers a city the financial heartbeat of which causes resonance throughout the world.  These are dangerous people.  And even if their boss was ignorant of the scheme, he was not innocent of surrounding himself with these dangerous people.  Who in the hell do they think they are?  And who is the boss to allow their presence on the staff of the administration?  Fire the culprit if you like, there will be two more to replace the wrongdoer.


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