Is the Non-Aggression Principle Self-Negating? You Decide!

A person named Jared emailed me out of the blue about a week ago with the following letter. It contains a request for feedback followed by an argument that the Non-Aggression Principle as made popular by Murray Rothbard was self-negating on the grounds that the creation of private property is an act of aggression. What ensued were several letters back and forth in which we both flesh out the other’s argument and offer our critique. In the end we understood each other better, but alas no consensus was reach.

Become an EVC Patron!

By popular demand (one reader, anyway) I’ve added a widget on the right side of the page to make it simple to subscribe as an EVC patron. This doesn’t entitle you to any additional perks, but it does allow you to donate to EVC on a monthly or annual basis in a “set it and forget it” sort of way.

New Logo for EVC

The EVC – logo has been updated to reflect my growing desire to be more inclusive of all people who, while gathering under the umbrella of voluntaryism, bring with them ideologies outside of the classical liberal, austro-libertarian, and anarcho-capitalist traditions (the right). I am referring to ideologies such as historical anarchism, left or socialist anarchism, anarcho-communism, anarcho-syndicalism, anarcho-[you name it], mutualism, market anarchism, et cetera (the left).

Is Suicide Criminal?

I know this can be seen as insensitive, but this is solely an intellectual exercise. I’m totally just spit-balling here. I saw something while browsing Facebook on suicide and the thought came to me that sometimes, for the libertarian / voluntaryist, suicide is criminal behavior. Now I may be completely wrong on this, but here’s my logic.

Seize or Build the Means of Production?

You often hear left anarchists (anarcho-communists, anarcho-syndicalists, etc.) promoting the idea of “seizing the means of production” and smashing corporate hierarchy, and whatnot (regular communists and syndicalists, too, of course). But aside from corporate hierarchy that persists as the result of political privilege, why should anyone seize the means of production rather than building the means of production for themselves?

Youth These Days!

You can’t grow up without hearing old timers complaining about younger generations. The phenomenon has been going on for millennia. But why does such an asinine thing persist? Clearly it’s a little dumb to complain about younger generations, people that old timers were directly responsible for raising. Is it a subconscious lamentation of what they deep down…