Being Wrong is a Possibility

I am perfectly willing to consider that everything I have done, every choice I have made, everything I value, believe, or know is wrong.

But, that doesn’t mean I believe someone else is necessarily right. One doesn’t invariably lead to the other.

Judging by results in certain areas, the evidence leads to the conclusion that I’m at least wrong sometimes. Obviously, my economic choices have been disastrous. And I could always be more useful to others, and more sociable.

In other areas, I feel more confident. The only people who seem to have issues with how I have treated them are those whom I refused to allow to violate me. I even treat statists with kindness until they archate in my presence. This part of my life has been much more successful than the other.

And this is why I am more prone to give advice on not violating others than on financial subjects.

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