Why Aren’t You An Anarchist Yet? Questions and Suggestions

In light of yesterday’s bombshell revelations, I have two questions and a suggestion.

Question 1: In the last 20, 30, 40, or however many years you can go back, how many times have you said “because of Thing A, I am thankful or grateful that we have government?”
By contrast, how many times have you said “Freaking government–always finding some new way to screw us over”?

Question 2: If you have found yourself saying the latter statement more times than the former statement, I ask you: why are you not an anarchist yet? What more do you need? Government isn’t just impractical, ineffective, inefficient, and dangerous in theory. If nothing else, it becomes demonstrably more true by the day. So why aren’t you an anarchist yet? What is holding you back? Some sort of divine reverence for your country’s founders, or founding documents? The ironic belief that, somehow, regular people need rulers, corrupt as they may be? Or perhaps, like the vast majority of people, it is simply how things always have been, and you have never given it much thought. Does one of those sound like you?

It is my hope that in light of yesterday’s, and the subsequent, revelations from WikiLeaks, that more and more of you begin to awaken to your awful situation.

But for those who may not yet be there, or ready to accept–I offer a suggestion. No, not to read a book (although, depending on the literature, that is a fantastic place to begin) or some other long, and drawn out deep intellectual exercise.

Instead, I ask that you watch a documentary, subscribe to a few YouTube Channels, and have a willing mind that is both open, and teachable, yet questioning.

The Documentary is called “Sirius: The Disclosure.” (It’s primarily about UFO and E.T. cover-ups, but the implications surrounding liberty and the nature of government are incredibly relevant. There are other subjects touched on too, like the FED, and 9/11.)

It is 2 hours long, and is worth it.

One of the YouTube channels is High Impact Flix. The videos are insightful, hard-hitting, asking the real questions, and are entertaining. And if you aren’t pumped up to fight for the cause of liberty (or at least against leftist hypocrisy) after each one, then nothing (but my blog) will do it for you.

I also want you guys to check out a relatively small YouTuber (whose videos betray an astoundingly high production value) by the name of Mouthy Buddha. Again, great conversational videos that should get people questioning the world around them, and he deserves way more subs than he currently has. (As do I!) His video “Why I am a Spiritual Agnostic” explains me down to the genetic level. Notice his use of the Tao, which is something I’ve mentioned quite a bit on my own Twitter, and a topic you can expect an exploration on regarding its intersection with Anarchy soon. 😉

Lastly, but not least(ly?), I want you guys to check out my guys over at Bring Your Own Anarchy. Loud, in your face, always drinking good stuff, and never without an astute thought regarding the world around us – these aren’t your 60’s anarchists. This duo is smart, engaging, insightful, and their twitter account is in point. If you’re new to anarchy, or a hardened vet, these are guys you should be listening to. This is another channel that has way less subs than it deserves.

So why are you not an anarchist yet? There is every reason to be, and the statists are running out of legitimate reasons to not be (if they ever were legitimate in the first place).

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The 3 Pillars of Anarchy are Liberty, Ethics, and Education. Agorism, Voluntaryism, and Self-Actualization are the raw marbles of the Pillars.

Chris is your average swash-buckling, video-gaming, statist crushing, logic using, wife snuggling anarcho-voluntaryist trying to make sense of a world that has grown so weird.

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