Are we Bullying Our Children?

Editor’s Pick. Written by Jennifer Andersen.

What if our efforts to stop bullying are misguided? What if the real solution comes long before our children enter school or set foot on a playground? What if bullying comes from us?

Many will be up in arms at this suggestion. They will quickly dismiss it as asinine. They will cite all sorts of studies that tell us all sorts of ways to prevent bullying, and rehabilitate bullies. Some may tout the vast amount of resources which have been put into anti-bullying programs.

Others will consider this message. They will think about it, and wonder what the implications are if there is truth in these thoughts.

This is not meant to make parents feel bad or excuse the children who are cruel to others. This message is not pretending that bullying is not an epidemic. The intention of sharing these thoughts is not to spark controversy or pit one mother against another.

This unpopular concept is being shared in the interest of children, and it needs to be considered.

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