Arbitrary Rules are Harmful

The world is choked with rules. Some rules are a good idea; most are utter nonsense.

Some are so arbitrary that it is hard to imagine how they were ever dreamed up in the first place. Sick minds need to stay busy, I suppose.

I despise arbitrary rules.

Arbitrary rules are always harmful, on some level.

Even the ones you agree with.

If nothing else, they cheapen all the rules– including those which aren’t arbitrary at all.

Once you run into enough arbitrary rules, and other harmful rules, you get to the point where a rule like “Do not push button” loses impact. You may push the button just to see what happens.

And then those who pollute the world with arbitrary rules will be shocked that you didn’t listen to this sensible rule hidden among the jungle of harmful arbitrary rules.

Stay in the habit of evaluating each and every rule you encounter. Follow or reject them based on reality, not on whether someone decided to make them up and impose them on others.

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